On-site Medical Service

Our onsite remote clinics are built around your needs, no matter what is the size of your staff i.e. from a primary health care to emergency medical assistance.

All is possible depending on your location, capabilities and your project size. 

Our goal is to assess the health conditions in our clients’ operational sites with proper guidance.

A dedicated and seasoned team is ready to evaluate existing medical facilities and governmental requirements for the operation of healthcare facilities.

The onsite medical team is well experienced in remote location primary healthcare, including general practice and first-line trauma management.

The personnel are recruited from recognized learning institutions It goes beyond the conventional healthcare scheme and is well focused on imparting training and educational programs on health and safety measures to the onsite personnel.

Our strategy lets our clients concentrate on their core business competencies while being entitled to a prompt, appropriate, cost-effective and quality healthcare.

A patient-centric approach assures them of the safest and best possible treatment options for their employees, regular training and support.

Medical Manpower Outsourcing Services

RPM is one of the preferred medical staffing service providers in the UAE, providing medical staff of all grades and specialties in both Primary and Emergency healthcare sectors.

Our staffing solutions are simple, flexible, efficient and cost-effective. We apply a high level of quality control to continue to be the premier provider of jobs for doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.  

The outstanding clinical experience and expertise RPM boasts of ensures that the company recognizes and acts swift upon the needs of the clients, providing a world class staffing service tailored to their individual needs.  In addition, we take care of sponsorship, visa formalities, mobilization, performance, quality and demobilization of the outsourced staff.

We believe in good communication and constantly strive to grow. Our process- driven approach enables our clients to start quickly and easily. We have simplified various time-consuming HR and licensing tasks by automating our back-office processes, ranging from visa applications to payroll, health authority Licensing, etc.  We can be contacted throughout a year and our clients benefit from 24x7 service.
We specialize in providing both permanent and temporary staffing solutions which also include non-medical staff on-demand, and ensure the right people, with the right skills, are in the right place at the right time. A highly qualified team of

experts is ready to support your organization’s most fundamental medical needs, for example,

> General and Specialist Doctors
> Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians
> General Nurses

> School Nurses
> Allied medical professionals
> Trained Ambulance Drivers

Emergency Medical and Ambulance Services

Emergency Medical and Ambulance Services Improved with comprehensive State-of- the-Art emergency medical services, RPM has expertise and well-informed manpower to meet emergencies for initial evaluation, resuscitation, treatment, investigation, stabilization, monitoring and disposition.

We have a large fleet of ambulances which are equipped with emergency drugs and customized to meet the client requirements, and are available round the clock onsite.

RPM starts its service from the basic principles of First aid which are Preserve Life, Prevent Further Injury and Promote Recovery.

Medical Support for Events

We have been known for our excellent professional care and resources during events, and do remain an elite preferred provider to a lot of leading event organizers in UAE.

We are reputed for our ability to coordinate both small and large-scale events where specialized medical and ambulance services are needed. We deal with  major events such as Triathlon, Red bull Air Race, Qasr al Hosn, Mother of the National etc. in the region.

We design our service to the specific needs for the event, leaving you secure in the knowledge that, should the worst happen, you have the support of a highly-trained team ready to come to the aid of your staff and visitors.

Experienced in coordinating with all kinds of events with same perseverance, ability to maintain professional standards, reliability with no letdowns, are our strength when it comes to Event Medical Services.

RPM works under long and short-term contracts, ranging from one day services to multiday, yearlong events.

Occupational Health Services

RPM has successful, long-standing relationships with a large number of companies across the UAE.

We provide industry-specific occupational health (OH) services to ensure legal compliance as well as wider health and wellbeing programs to target the health concerns of working population.

We work across a diverse range of sectors, both public and private and offer sector and job-specific medical assessments to ensure all relevant aspects of employee health at work have been covered: e.g. pre-placement medical screening for new recruits, in-service medical checkups for the existing staff and exit medical screening for the outgoing staff.

Fit-to- work medical certificates are issued to the clients’ in time with minimum impact on their daily operations. 

Apart from health checkup packages, we support clients by organizing awareness campaigns and seminars on work safety, ergonomics and manual handling along with training on stress management, etc.

We lay emphasis on the correct use of PPEs and healthy lifestyle to prevent infectious and long-term diseases.

Our in-depth understanding of the challenges of working in safety-critical environments makes us the provider of choice for both large multinationals and small and medium-sized operators.

School Healthcare

School-based healthcare clinics represent a model-of- care that responds to the unique physical and mental health issues of adolescents by offering care in an accessible, youth-friendly environment. 

Access to school healthcare clinics increases use of primary care, reduces use of emergency rooms, and results in fewer hospitalizations.

RPM specializes in providing and maintaining superior medical service in schools.

We understand that schools bear an important responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of students at institutions.

RPM ensures top-notch healthcare for the students, providing dependable and highly experienced healthcare professionals to attend to the routine or emergency medical requirements of schools.

It aims to promote education, focusing on the health of students and creating a healthy school environment.

Our services are prompt, highly professional with a personal touch, yet at an extremely reasonable price, which makes us the front-runner in this niche segments.

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