RPM offers a large array of on-site medical support in Abu Dhabi and across UAE to our clients which consists of an initial detailed assessment of current conditions on client’s operational sites, extensive evaluation of their medical facilities, guidance on improvements and help in meeting government regulations.

We assist in setting-up on-site clinics in line with government regulations, providing equipment and consumables as well as trained medical personnel who are capable of initiating emergency procedures as well as experienced in medical documentation in order to suit the requirements of the clients.

We place emphasize on the importance of trained on-site personnel in order to address specific health and safety measures set by our clients. We offer specially-tailored programs that address role specific health and safety measures in accordance with the industry the client is operating in.

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RPM EMS holds highly trained and experienced medical professionals who operates the largest fleet of private ambulances for a private ambulance Service in UAE. Strategically located and operating 24 hours all year round. Specially equipped to manage all medical emergencies as well as intensive care transfers, from initial patient assessment, resuscitation, monitoring and hospital facilitation.

Additionally in Dubai using the latest research and available technology, our Dubai emergency ambulance services are custom built to deliver emergency ambulance care in all environments, keeping in mind the operational requirements of the client and best outcomes for the patient.

We also apply our expertise in EMS by providing ambulance fleet management solutions which allows our clients to outsource all their risk associated with ambulance purchasing to us, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall cost of maintaining a fleet for patient transport service.

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