Response Plus Holdings PJSC expands to India



Response Plus Holding PJSC recently announced the opening of Response Plus India Pvt Ltd headquarters in Kochi, Kerala. The new operation will focus on three main areas of service, namely: Global patient services (medical tourism), onsite medical management and medical training and development. RPM India will be closely working as a healthcare partner for all types of onsite medical service solutions with the companies in the oil and gas sector and other major industries in the country. Major Tom Louis, CEO at Response Plus Holding PJSC, said: “We are thrilled to have made this move to India, a country with huge potential for the type of services we provide. We are confident that we’ll be adding value to the overall Indian healthcare system by revolutionising on-site patient care and emergency medical services in the country.”

RPM will also be extending its services to airports, seaports, educational institutions, malls and international events to meet emergency healthcare needs.