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Medical Manpower Outsourcing 

Our success is driven by our expertise

RPM currently holds a commendable reputation for our efficiency in the allotment of highly skilled industrial and technical staff at all grades and specialties in both primary and emergency healthcare sectors.
Our success is driven by our attention to detail and our expertise in recognizing and meeting the needs of our clients. RPM’s medical manpower outsourcing system comes with undertaking all responsibility for sponsorship, visa formalities, mobilization, performance and demobilization of all outsourced staff which includes advanced and highly skilled doctors, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians (EMT), allied medical professionals, industrial and technical personnel, administration staff and qualified ambulance drivers. In addition, we also ensure that recruited staff have undergone and completed adequate training and even expedite the process for required further training before mobilization.
RPM’s expertise in the health care management in Oil & Gas sector in GCC both onshore and offshore emergency medical services, focus on the medical operations of facilities and emergency ambulance services. One of our major areas of strength is medical emergency preparedness where critical operation is collaborated with our own operation control center team. In addition, RPM is well adapted with the Oil & Gas Emergency Response Plan with capability to respond and manage emergencies in association with the concerned regulatory bodies. We have also established our internal Incident Command Center (ICC) managed by experts at the RPM HQ in tandem with our commitment towards HSE policies and guidelines ensuring implementation in line with oil and gas best practices. Our performance is measured through our quality management system which involves categories of KPIs, Full-scale risk-based audits and surveys. RPM core values will remain focused on delivering cost effective premium quality services and to continue innovating in the field of remote healthcare services to exceed client expectations.

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