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We integrate our mission with quality service.

Response Plus Holding is the largest provider of onsite healthcare, medical emergency services and occupational health solutions in the UAE. The company boasts an infrastructure that includes a fleet of over 250+ ambulances, 260+ onsite clinics, 1600 + healthcare workforce and 300+ international events per year. Response Plus Holding PJSC is part of the fundamental shift in the healthcare sector across the MENA region, aiming to make UAE one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations. RPM provides cost effective healthcare solutions that add value to medical institutions. Our talent pool has grown tremendously over the years, and as the competitive landscape grows, healthcare facilities can now work with proficiency and provide unparalleled care to its patients. Response Plus Holding has also quickly grown to expand its strategic locations across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, India and Ethiopia. We have also expanded our list of services tremendously, becoming the region’s largest medical staffing organization. The RPM project takes pride in its dependable and diligent on-site workforce, which offer customized health checkups along with training and educational health awareness campaigns.


The Values we live by

Conforming international best practices & standards.

Our proficient equipment and devices meet the MENA standards and regulatory compliances. We are not only cost-effective in providing medical equipment but also at par with medical staffing solutions. It is time for you to upgrade to Quality Service.

Our Mission

To provide prompt, affordable and quality healthcare services using a fully integrated network, customized and tailormade medical solutions that puts patients at the very heart of what we do and leave our clients free to focus on their core business.

Our Vision

To be the premier Global Healthcare Support Partner in providing quality advanced medical service and staffing solutions.

Our Values

Exceeding Client expectations while continuing to excel and innovate in the field of healthcare services and prioritizing the patient’s wellbeing.

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Global Partners

Investor Relations

Striving to be the best in all business verticals

RPM was listed as Response Plus Holding PJSC on the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange on the 14th of September 2021 and is also currently listed on the FTSE GEIS as a global micro – cap company. We have attained a global reach and aim to develop the business by multi fold. Our goal is to go completely digital by 2023 and green by 2030.


Chairman’s Message

Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil | Chairman

Response Plus Medical being a key unit of one of the largest healthcare groups in the region enables us to provide comprehensive patient management services in accordance to international recognized standards. We strive to leverage and constantly build the reputation that VPS Healthcare upholds for excellence across the region. It is against this backdrop that we are increasingly recognized as a trusted and reliable healthcare partner for the oil and gas industry, construction companies and chemical facilities. Since our inception in 2010, we have quickly grown and now operate out of strategic locations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman. Our portfolio of services has also expanded and we are now one of the region’s leading medical staffing organizations. We also operate one of the largest private fleets of ambulances in Abu Dhabi. We are particularly proud of our role in supporting on-site workforces with customized health checkups along with training and wider health education and awareness campaigns.

with all the expertise to provide prompt treatment in accordance with global medical standards. With the largest number of ambulances in the United Arab Emirates, we now aim to expand within regional and international markets. We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of medical services and guarantee timely appointments with the ability to communicate directly with our knowledgeable representatives and staff through various mediums, including our website and other social media outlets.
We embrace the diversity within every individual by welcoming all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. Our large and rapidly expanding staff of specialist doctors, physicians, nurses and emergency care professionals ensures that we provide optimal medical services for the most demanding and gruelling onsite clinics and events in the UAE and the region.
Our goal this year and the years to come is to continue to provide the highest level of service that meets international standards with a personal touch for the communities we are proud to serve.
We are looking ahead to the future and to the new opportunities it holds for our company.


CEO Message

Dr. Rohil Raghavan | Chief Executive Officer

Since its listing Response Plus Holding has attained a global reach and is one of the leading pre-hospital care organizations in the region. RPM ensures unparalleled care to patients throughout their pre-hospital journey, ensuring their well-being until they reach the hospital. We aim to redefine the scope of advanced healthcare solutions in the corporate as well as public sectors at large with a wide range of verticals including Emergency Medical Services, O&M of healthcare facilities, medical manpower supply, etc. Through our Training academy & educational partnerships, we hope to actively be part of the fundamental shift in the healthcare sector. Our focus is to finalize global partnerships with key healthcare specialists and welcome various new layers within our comprehensive model to the GCC. We value our commitment to our stakeholder in upholding the highest standards of corporate governance along with achieving excellence in healthcare management. In this unique sector, we aim to be the best provider and, in the process, keep spreading our services with the continuous support of all our skilled personnel and trusted partners we will chart a course towards continued success and growth in the region and beyond. As we embark on this journey together, we are committed to creating a memorable and impactful experience for our stakeholders and community.

Dr. Rohil

Our Timeline


Established as Subsidiary of VPS Healthcare


Started serving in the United Emirates (Dubai)


Established our Roots in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Started our services in Oman and nearby areas


Started our services in Ethiopia


Started serving in the Listed as Response Plus Holding PJSC in ADX


Go Digital


Go Green

Our Global Presence

Response Plus Medical is the largest provider of onsite healthcare management, occupational health solutions and medical emergency services in the UAE. We deliver quality healthcare services to more than a million people in over 65 countries.

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